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Private car sales are the single biggest market of car sales throughout Australia.

When looking at the benefits of buying a car privately, many tend to fall around the significant savings you can make.

Unfortunately, you will find that most financial institutions will not provide finance to you if you are purchasing your vehicle from a private seller. This is due to the higher level of fraudulent risk as compared to buying through a licenced dealer.

Can Infinite Financial Services help me with finance on a private sale?

Yes, we can!

A very small percentage of lenders offer secured loans on private car sales. However, with the large variety of partners we have, we are able to get you in your dream car with just a few extra details from the seller, and about the car.

You’ll need to provide the registration certificate for the vehicle, the owner’s drivers licence, a sale agreement and a pay-out letter from their current financier if the vehicle has outstanding finance.

For us to confirm the vehicle details are correct, a full vehicle inspection report will be required, which provides further protection to both you and the lender. We’ll assist with all the above requirements so the sale goes through as hassle free as possible.

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